Latest News and updates 26/1/08 saturday 
hi everyone well as you can see the site is not finshed yet i still got a long way to go and many things to do. read the rules before your go on to the D.G.A chat room. dont advitise other sites here unless its a youtube links or Trainer cards links or you will be banned forever. if you want to be a gym leader pm me in the chat room or if im not online post it in the comment box and i will try and get back to you. if your bored there is a games room with lost of games for you to play if your bored.    have a good day :P

26/1/08 saturday
I have now added a pokemon quiz to the site so have a go and see if you can get them all right.

30/1/08 wednesday
I have added the damage,exp and ultimate stat calculator to the site.   have a good day :P

1/2/08 friday
there is now more new gym leaders added to the site and a new elite 4 . soon when ive got all gym leaders and elite 4 then you will be able to battle them for there badges.   have a good day :p

2/2/08 saturday
well done guys that was a great tourney well done to shadow for winning the tourney. better luck next time for the people who came late and missed the tourney there will be another tourney next week.  have a good day :P

9/2/08 saturday
i have added a forum to this site but there more stuff to do on it . have a good day :P

9/2/08 saturday
well done shadows for winning the tourney once again

10/2/08 sunday
gym battles are now open. have a good day

16/02/08 saturday
well done to doomx for winning the tourney

well done doomx once again